The General Dan Tubing Co
The General Dan Tubing Co
201 North Main, Danbury, NC 27016  (336) 593-8780
Hours:  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tube Rentals:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Danbury General Store

Tubing the Dan - Useful Info

What To Bring

  1. Cooler with food and beverages  (Rope is available for purchase to tie the cooler tube to your tube.)
  2. Towels
  3. Change of clothes
  4. Waterproof camera
  5. Sunblock
  6. Sunglasses

What Not To Bring

  1. Glass bottles
  2. Styrofoam cooler
  3. Cell phone
  4. Nice camera
  5. Expensive jewelry
  6. Keys
  7. Wallet
  8. Expensive sunglasses or eyeglasses
  9. Alcoholic beverages
Danbury General Store Tube Shack

What To Know

  1. The latest time you can rent tubes each day is based on weather and river flow.  The latest time is usually 3:00 but it could be earlier.
  2. Effective August 1, 2016, alcohol is not allowed on the Dan River in Stokes County.   Drinking is not allowed before the trip, in Parks, or in vehicles.
  3. Tubing has both inherent and unknown risks and dangers.  These include but are not limited to injury or loss of life.  There are no lifeguards and you will be on your own.  You will be asked to sign a waiver and liability release for yourself and anyone else in your party.  You are 100% responsible for the children in your party at all times.
  4. Dogs are welcome to go tubing on the Dan River and ride our shuttles with you.  You are 100% responsible for the safety and well-being of your dog, including it's behavior toward others.  Not all dogs are suited for river tubing so know your dog's abilities and make decisions accordingly.
  5. River tubing is not for everyone; it is not a man-made amusement park ride.  This is a rental operation where you rent a tube, a PFD, and a bus ride.  You are on your own; we do not control the river and there are not attendants along the way.
  6. You must securely fasten your PFD and maneuver your own tube.  If you need instruction, please ask before you enter the river.
  7. The river contains rocks, trees, debris, and other obstacles.  It is possible to fall out of your tube and you are on your own to get back in it.
  8. If you have an emergency along the river, you are on your own to get notification to the take-out so emergency steps can be followed.
  9. Read all signs, ask questions, and be sure that you want to participate in this activity before signing up.
  10. There are no refunds.  You must return the equipment properly or you will be charged for equipment that is lost, damaged, or not returned.
  11. We do not control the weather and it can change at any time.  It is your choice to rent or not given the weather forecast for the day.
  12. It is not recommended to go tubing if you are pregnant; under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other impairing substances; or have back, neck, or other problems that could be aggravated by use of tubing equipment.
  13. You should wear a bathing suit or shorts and t-shirt and something to protect your feet.
  14. Leave all unnecessary items that you don't want to lose behind or at home, such as eyeglasses, expensive sunglasses, watches, rings, hats, jewelry, cell phones, cameras, keys, wallet, etc.
  15. Sign up for tubing only after you have your tubing clothes on, your cooler packed and ready to go, all people in your party with you, and one driver's license to give your group a name.
  16. We do keep a record of all groups out on the river and make sure that everyone is back safe and sound.
  17. Once signed up, your tubes are loaded and your group is asked to board the shuttle where you are briefed on the trip and given another opportunity to ask any questions.  The ride to the put-in is approximately 5 minutes.  Our staff will unload your tube and/or cooler and give directions to the put-in.
  18. Please respect the 6:00 pm time to return from the river.  This provides daylight hours to respond to any issues should the need arise.


Discharge in cubic feet per second

Tubing Guidelines

< 70 Tubing Closed (too low to float)
070-150 Lower & Slower
150-350 Very Favorable
350-500 Challenging
> 500 No River Tubing

Meet some of our tubing staff -

Andrew, Tina, & Brandon

Tubing Staff - Andrew, Tina, & Brandon

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